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Dennert Poraver GmbH takes over Canadian assets
Dennert Poraver GmbH takes over Canadian assets

Dennert Poraver GmbH takes over Canadian assets

On 14 February 2011 the world's leading producer of expanded glass granulate, Dennert Poraver GmbH from Schlüsselfeld in Bavaria, took over the assets of Poraver North America in Canada.

The Canadian company, situated in Innisfil near Toronto, is teaming up with a strong and experienced partner to position itself sustainably and successfully on the North American market.

The combination of both production sites thus opens up new growth opportunities for PORAVER, especially in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Furthermore, the transfer of technology enables optimisation of development activities and application technology, as well as guaranteeing global delivery capacities.

"Dennert Poraver GmbH and Poraver North America Inc. complement each other perfectly. Thanks to this takeover, we are expanding our application knowhow for Poraver overall and enhancing the strong position of our company on the market through increased production capacity and high investment potential." Hans Veit Dennert, inventor of Poraver and owner of the company, explains.

Dennert Poraver GmbH takes over Canadian assets

Poraver North America in Innisfil / Toronto