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The Poraver® success story
Number 1 for expanded glass worldwide

Dennert Poraver GmbH is the global market leader in the manufacture and sales of expanded glass. The company is among the pioneers in the field of innovative lightweight filling materials. In the early 1980s, the company‘s own research work led to the development of a process for the industrial production of expanded glass granulate from recycled glass - a milestone in the company‘s history. Since then, the company, founded in 1983, has been producing the lightweight aggregate Poraver® expanded glass granulate at its production sites in Europe and North America for customers and distribution partners all over the world.

90 years of tradition and innovation in construction materials
The cornerstone of the company

Veit Dennert (1901-1956), father of Hans Veit Dennert, founded a business for construction materials in the 1930s and started producing building materials in 1948. This has been the foundation of Veit Dennert KG.

60 Jahre Tradition und Innovation in Leichtzuschlägen
Production of high strength expanded clay

In 1960 Hans Veit Dennert and his brother set up a plant in Postbauer-Heng, Germany for the production of high strength expanded clay. The lightweight aggregate was successfully distributed worldwide under the brand name „detoon“.

40 years of Know-how in the manufacture of expanded glass
The original from the inventor

After the production of expanded clay from 1960-1982, Hans Veit Dennert succeeded in 1983 in replacing the clay required for the previous lightweight aggregate production with recycled glass - Poraver® expanded glass was born. At that time, it was a completely new type of building material that no one had heard of or known what this new and comparatively expensive material could be used for. Hans Veit Dennert, however, was firmly convinced that a product with such unique high-class technical properties would revolutionise and conquer the market for lightweight aggregates.

The Poraver group

Hans Veit Dennert
Founder & Owner
CEO Poraver Besitz GmbH
Johanna Dennert

David Veit Krafft
Bachelor of Arts
(Business Administration)
CEO R&D, Sales, Production
Chairman of the
Management Board

Matthias Gebhardt
Dipl.-Kfm (FH),
Master of Business
Administration (VWA)
CEO Finance & Administration

Poraver North America Inc.
Production plant Innisfil, Canada

At the site in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, 90 km north of Toronto, Poraver® expanded glass granulate has been successfully produced since 2007 and distributed to international industrial companies in the North American market. The plant has a production capacity of 100,000 cubic metres per year, which can be expanded to 200,000 cubic metres. 1,000 truckloads are shipped per year. The facility includes production and offices for administration, sales, logistics and quality control.

Production plant Schlüsselfeld
Production plant Schlüsselfeld

This new factory building lays an important foundation and creates the conditions for further company growth. The development of the site began in 2018. In the meantime, the first production hall has been built and production is scheduled to start in mid-2021. A gradual expansion to up to 7 production lines is planned. This will increase the annual capacity of the three Poraver® plants to over 500,000 m³.

The new Poraver Kunststoff Center
Research an development of new glass-polymer compounds based on post-consumer recycled glass

In 2018, Dennert Poraver GmbH founded the Poraver Kunststoff Center. The newly created research and development facility based in Schlüsselfeld is testing the application of Poraver® expanded glass as a filler in thermoplastics and developing special plastic compounds. These glass-polymer compounds combine the advantageous features of two material worlds and show promising synergy effects, on the basis of which the development of new types of composite materials and innovative plastic products is possible.

Equipped with the latest plant technology and the relevant analysis possibilities, we are your competent partner for compound and process development. As a team, we offer professional advice and access to our technical center for the development of customer-specific compound formulations.

Management & Headquarters
of the Poraver group
Location Schlüsselfeld, Germany

Since 2006, the management and head office have been based in Schlüsselfeld. The modern office building houses the departments Administration, Sales, Marketing and the Poraver® Customer Service Centre with corresponding laboratory facilities

Hans Veit und Johanna Dennert Stiftung
Non-profit foundation

The Hans Veit and Johanna Dennert Foundation has the objective of helping people in need, regardless of their age, gender, denomination, marital status or membership of a particular social group, if aid is not provided by other organizations. In the long term, the company shares will be transferred to the foundation in order to secure the continuation of the PORAVER Group in the spirit of the founder.

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